Jewelry Care Advice

We want you to be completely happy with your LILA FLORE jewelry.  This is why we only use high quality materials : gold filled and sterling silver.

If properly cared for, your jewelry will last you for years to come.

Nevertheless, some habits of life can be hard on your jewelry. The following advice will prevent them from losing their luster.

What You Should Know

Your jewelry do not like :

  • the swimming pool, because its chemical additives
  • your body's secretions, especially if they are acidic
  • perfumes, hair sprays, sunscreens, household products, nail polish remover, jacuzzi

Good habits :

Putting on your jewelry only after you let your cream penetrate and let the alcohol in your perfume evaporate.

At the pool, remove them altogether.

Regularly wipe away traces of sweat, makeup and products with a small microfiber cloth 

If your jewelry has come into contact with an abrasive substance, wash it in warm water with a little bit of mild soap. Then rinse it thoroughly with warm water and dry it. Store it once it is completely dry.

Storing jewelry while protecting it :

Before storing your jewelry for several weeks or months, remove any substance from it by cleaning it as suggested above. Once dry, place it in a small well sealed zip bag, where it will be protected from air and dust. Then put it in the small linen bag provided.

If you have more questions, contact us!