Our Materials

We want to offer you quality jewelry made of precious materials while maintaining affordable prices.

Our favorite materials are 14K gold filled and solid silver gilded with fine gold.

What is 14K gold filled?

Gold filled is a technique that comes from the USA. It consists of soldering a thick layer of 14K gold on a brass base by a process combining pressure and heat. In the end, the weight of gold contained in gold filled jewelry is 1/20th of the total weight. That's 50 to 100 times more than in gold plated jewelry.

We like gold filled jewelry not only because it is stronger and more durable but also because it offers the appearance of solid gold at a much lower cost.

Solid silver gilded with fine gold

For some jewelry, the use of silver is more suitable. We exclusively use 925 silver plated with 24K gold in thickness ranging from 1 to 3 microns. Your piece of jewelry is thus made of a combination of two precious metals : solid silver and 24K gold.